heads we're dancing

heads we're dancing


Our 16 year Journey through our CDs, starting at the first (Self Titled) when we were almost an alternate folk acoustic band.  Our second CD (Jagaavo) added Sax, Flute & sitar, drum loops & samplers. The third CD (Headspace) where we lost the Sax & Flute (unfortunately) but added more guitar, plus even more drum loops, sequencers and samplers. Finally our forth CD (Tunnel Vision) where we used a lot more technology and Keyboards.

Self Titled:
1. Govinda
2: Dust & Sun
3: Turn These Blues Around
4: Truly
5: Dreamer
6: Answer
7: Hearts on Fire
8: Missed a Time

1: That's Life
2: Southern Whisper
3: Southern Sky
4: She Didn't Know
5: Raga Kamaj
6: Joyta Se Joyta
7: Light my Fire
8: Pearls of the Ocean
9: Greatest Hits
10: I've seen the Light

1: Journey of Life
2: Dust & Sun (Indian Jungle Mix)
3: Space Cadets
4: Family
5. Vocal Journey
6: Space Cadets (radio Edit)

Tunnel Vision:
1: A brief Description
2: Political Life
3: Tunnel Vision
4: Never Leave Here
5: What you Get
6: All Along the Watchtower
7: Answer (trance-atlantic dub version)
8: Space Cadets (team 9 remix)
9: What you Get (discophonic remix)
10: What you Get (radio edit)
11: Tunnel Vision (acoustic version)