heads we're dancing

heads we're dancing


Our 16 year Journey through our CDs, starting at the first (Self Titled) when we were almost an alternate folk acoustic band.  Our second CD (Jagaavo) added Sax, Flute & sitar, drum loops & samplers. The third CD (Headspace) where we lost the Sax & Flute (unfortunately) but added more guitar, plus even more drum loops, sequencers and samplers. Finally our forth CD (Tunnel Vision) where we used a lot more technology and Keyboards.

Self Titled:
1. Govinda
2: Dust & Sun
3: Turn These Blues Around
4: Truly
5: Dreamer
6: Answer
7: Hearts on Fire
8: Missed a Time

1: That's Life
2: Southern Whisper
3: Southern Sky
4: She Didn't Know
5: Raga Kamaj
6: Joyta Se Joyta
7: Light my Fire
8: Pearls of the Ocean
9: Greatest Hits
10: I've seen the Light

1: Journey of Life
2: Dust & Sun (Indian Jungle Mix)
3: Space Cadets
4: Family
5. Vocal Journey
6: Space Cadets (radio Edit)

Tunnel Vision:
1: A brief Description
2: Political Life
3: Tunnel Vision
4: Never Leave Here
5: What you Get
6: All Along the Watchtower
7: Answer (trance-atlantic dub version)
8: Space Cadets (team 9 remix)
9: What you Get (discophonic remix)
10: What you Get (radio edit)
11: Tunnel Vision (acoustic version)

Unreleased Cover song:  Under the Milky Way
There have been a lot of requests for this song from the fans that saw us perform it live.  It was being recorded back in 2007 to go on the next album that never happened.  Our recording has been resurrected by Alan Dawson in 2020 from the guide tracks and finished tracks that were recorded back then.

Heads We're Dancing

Heads We’re Dancing, unique rhythms and melodies supported by strong lyrics and a big global groove.  Described as energetic, inspiring and innovative the band’s live performances attract an enthusiastic following both in their home state and on a global level following their 2006 and 2007 UK tour.

With support of ArtsWA, the band toured the east coast of Australia in 2005 with successful shows in Melbourne and Sydney.  

In July 2006 they went on their first overseas tour, starting at the "Eastern Haze" Festival in the UK, sharing the main stage alongside retro legends Hawkwind. After several dates around the country, the tour culminated in a fifteen night residence as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Heads We’re Dancing were also invited to play on the main stage at the "Fringe Sunday" concert, an annual event which attracts an estimated 200,000 people, and during the festival they were also asked to perform a night at the legendary "Jam House".  

In 2007 the band returned to the UK, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which included an invitation to perform at the "Australian Fringe Showcase" in the world renowned Spiegel Tent.  

Within Australia the band has performed at many festivals and venues, including: Fairbridge, Nannup, Down South, Co-existence and UWA Festivals, the Fly By Night Club and Vanguard Sydney. 

“Could be among the surprise musical packages of this year’s festival”, 4 star review, Skinnyfest, Edinburgh, 
“They are a highly experienced and professional group and were extremely well received by audiences”, Sweet Entertainments Ltd, 
“Excellent representatives for Australia”, Seb Fosdal, Eastern Haze Festival, “One of the most impressive bands I witnessed were Heads We’re Dancing” , Terry J. Hawke, Eastern Haze Festival.

Heads We’re Dancing have four CDs (Self-titled, Jagaavo, Headspace and Tunnel Vision). Dust and Sun, a track from Headspace, was described by DJ Wayne S of Discophonic Productions as "Never failing to transport me away from a rainy winters day here in the UK, with its exotic sunshine vibes". Inspired by this, DJ Wayne S and Greek producer El Padrino remixed the band's song What You Get. This remix is included on the Tunnel Vision CD and is now being played by DJ’s throughout the UK and European club scene.  

Tracks from all of the bands CDs receive regular airplay in Australia and Internationally.

Band Members:
Karla Dawson: Vocals / Keyboards
Alan Dawson: Vocals / Bass /Programming / Samples / Keyboards (recordings)
Tom Francas: Guitar / Keyboards / Backing Vocals
Mike Brady: Percussion / Backing Vocals

Past Band Members:
Gary Hoy: Keyboards (Self Titled CD)
Marcia Flude: Vocals / Percussion (Self Titled CD)
Tim Malone: Sax / Flute / Keyboards (Jagaavo CD)
Roy Bailey: Guitar / Sitar (Sitar Jagaavo CD, Guitar & Sitar Head Space CD)

Occasional Live Guest Players:
Jean-Guy Lemire: Harmonica 
Jimmy Lennard : Guitar
Paul Keenan: Drums
Clarence Bailey: Drums
Rubin Kooperman: Drums
Dponker: Drums (also Channel 31 video clip)
Phil: Drums
Andrew McIlroy: Guitar

Recording Guests:
Jimmy Lennard : Guitar (What you Get)
Jean-Guy Lemire: Harmonica (Light my Fire, Journey of Life)
Nola Formentin: Trombone (Greatest Hits)
Rubin Kooperman: Drums (I’ve Seen the Light Live Recording)
Brother “B”: (DJ’ing That’s Life, Greatest Hits)
Eric Christensen: Flute (hearts on Fire)
Sue Hoy: Sax (Turn these Blues Around)

Remix Producers:
Neil Mason (Team9): Space Cadets (team9 Remix)

Wayne S & Aris ‘El Padrino (Discophonic): What you Get (discophonic remix)